The wedding day is the day that awaited by all couples, and preparing for a wedding is an inseparable part of wedding planning.
For those of you who are currently planning a wedding reception, these are the following tips for your wedding reception.
There are some good tips to be prepared long in advance before the wedding day, here are some tips on preparing for a wedding reception

Share your opinion with spouse

Your partner is the biggest part of your wedding, and creative ideas might be your input is not thought of before.
You may agree or disagree with the idea, but with a decision you both will make a beautiful wedding for you and your partner

Plan the number of guests

Calculate the number of guests that will be present on the day of your wedding reception, do not just count the number of friends and relatives and spouses who have been married since they usually also took his family to the wedding.
Negotiate anyone who would you invite to your wedding with your partner, because of the guests in attendance should include guests from your family, partner families, and acquaintances you two.


After determining the number of guests, then prepare a number of Menu will not be too difficult, if you are planning to hire a catering service, consult with those who have held a wedding reception for seeking opinions, input and recommendations of the best catering provider.


Do not forget to plan the venue for the wedding reception, both indoors and outdoors, plan laying guest chairs, wedding table centerpiece, and other bridal chamber.


Planning one is challenging your creativity and your partner, remember that this is a marriage ceremony of you two, which of course also have to be able to satisfy and happy you and your partner .
Planning this theme also includes clothing and makeup to be worn by your families and couples as well.


This is the most important thing of any planning your wedding, be realistic in planning the wedding reception, based on the budget you and your partner have, however wedding reception lasted only one day, consider the balance between your wedding budget and your feature saving.

Hiring a wedding planner

If you have trouble planning all the wedding reception itself, there is nothing wrong if you hire the services of a wedding planner, the idea and creativity should be the benchmark for your wedding planner.

Hopefully with the right wedding reception preparation, your wedding day will beautifully great and you will get the best day of your wedding day.